Our Approach:

  • We stress on learning of concepts and laying strong Maths’s foundation.
  • We follow- What, Why and then How strategy
    • We start with concepts, explain why we should study the topic, provides example of its usage in daily life.
    • We then follow up with how to solve problems.
  • This develops student interest in the topic as they understand its importance in real life.
  • We lay strong emphasis on practice problems.

Class Highlights:

  • We offer both group and private classes.
  • Class duration of one hour
  • Group classes limited to a maximum of four students
  • Dedicated teacher for a group
  • Teachers gives practice problems in classes and helps to solve them.
  • Provide examples and variations of problems
  • Provide regular assignments on the topics
  • Topics are graded
  • Conduct Monthly Test
  • Online portal for tracking student’s progress
  • Flow with Kid approach
  • Common core aligned syllabus
  • Blended with aptitude tests
  • Special STAAR practice sessions
  • We should write Special batches for algebra-1algebra-2 and geometry.